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Exploring the Neo-Prog of the UK’s Cosmograf – Capacitor – Electrifying!


So once again I listen to a band, I like their music , I go to read about the band and I find, the band is mostly a one-person band and the music fits into the Neo-Prog sub-genre!! In this…

Exploring the Crossover Prog of Umphrey’s McGee – Similar Skin!

Similiar Skin

One of the albums that has been in my rotation for a couple of weeks now is the latest release from Umphrey’s McGee Similar Skin. Umprhey’s McGee is a crossover prog band with a large following known alternately as “Umphreaks”…

Exploring the Black Metal of Denmark’s One Woman Project – Myrkur!! Awesome!


So over the last few days I have listened to something completely different a one-woman black metal project – Myrkur. I usually avoid any band labeled black metal or death metal,  I just don’t like the distorted songs or the…

Exploring the Jazz Saxophone of Ernie Watts – A Simple Truth

A Simple Truth

Way back in 1972, tenor saxophone player, Ernie Watts joined the horn section of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, teaming with fellow sax players Clifford Soloman and Charlie Owens, and trumpeter Blue Mitchell, The resulting album was Mayall’s 1973 release Movin’ On.…

Exploring the Psychedelic/Space Rock of the UK’s Amplifier – Mystoria!


So yesterday the soundtrack for my run (you can read about the run here) was the latest release Mystoria from the UK psychedelic/Space rock band Amplifier. Amplifier plays highly original material using deeply personal lyrics with walls of noise and…

Exploring the Ambient,New Age, Prog of Netherlands’ Forest Field- Onwards and Upwards!

Onwards and Upwards

On Tuesday of this week the soundtrack for my run was Forest Field’s second release Onwards and Upwards. According to their website…… Forest Field is not a band Forest Field is a project Forest Field is lead by Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox…